Alarm Monitoring

Our alarm monitoring security system adds an extra layer of protection.

Alarm monitoring add an extra layer of protection than an everyday bells only alarm. Not only do they alert and the home-owner and interrupt and panic the burglar, they also offer a link with your local Police force. Alarm Monitoring Service. All our systems offer:

• Round the clock Protection.
• Police Response to an intruder on your premises.
• A service for residential and commercial properties.
• Fire and Ambulance services can be linked into the systems.

Round the Clock Protection.

Our burglar alarm systems are coupled with an around-the-clock alarm monitoring service which gives your business and home added protection and maximizes your peace of mind. The staff at out monitoring centres are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Police Response.

As soon as the London alarm system is triggered by the presence of an intruder, a message is sent to your personal “alarm receiving centre”. Immediately they will use specialised equipment to verify whether there is an intruder within the home (sequential confirmation”). On verification they will alert the police station as to the burglars presence. Sequential confirmation works through placing sensors at strategic places around your home.

Police Response for Alarm Monitoring.

The Police does not respond to a bell-only alarm, unless there is additional evidence of a crime being committed. The Police will respond to a alarm monitoring only with customers holding a valid URN (Unique Reference Number) However if you have a bell-only alarm system you are relying on your neighbours/friends to quickly respond to your alarm system, which may put them at high risk, and you cannot be certain that they will always be there to respond.

Business Property Protection.

We specialise in offering services not only to the residential sector but to the business sector too. Gardsec offers a free survey and written quotation with no obligation.

Emergency services.

We hope you never have to call the police and that you never need to call the emergency services. But to cover all possible crisis our systems can be set up so if there is a need for ambulance or fire services they can be contacted in tandem with the police. You can read more about our Fire Alarm systems here. Get our Alarm Monitoring Service.

We offer various alarm monitoring systems:

Custodian Monitoring.

Custodian provides alarm monitoring for residential and business customers across the UK. We are dedicated to providing customers with state-of the-art monitoring and outstanding customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… Read more

Digital Communicator Monitoring.

Digital communicator is relatively low cost monitoring option.  Single path solution using existing or dedicated telephone line ….Read more

RedCare, RedCare GSM Monitoring.

RedCare home monitoring is the new domestic monitoring solution from RedCare, designed specifically to meet the requirements of a grade 2 domestic alarm system ….Read more

DualCom, DualCom GPRS Monitoring.

DualCom +, DualCom GPRS, from CSL DualCom Limited, is an intruder alarm signalling device that uses both the Vodafone network and your telephone path to transmit intruder and personal attack signals at high speed. …Read more

FreeCom GPRS Dual Path Monitoring.

FreeComGP is a dual-path alarm signalling solution that uses two communication channels to reliably deliver alarm notifications. With this cost-effective solution suitable for any control panel, events are sent primarily over a secure GPRS network, with a PSTN line serving as backup. …Read more

Emizon Monitoring Dual-path.

Emizon 21 is the smart, secure alarm, dual-path signalling service for commercial and domestic premises. Using both broadband and GPRS networks, Emizon 21 enables you to deliver advanced dual-path signalling to your customers for less than the cost of conventional competitive services. …Read more.

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