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There is no doubt that the most essential addition to your home security is the burglar alarm. Not only do intruder alarms make it a greater problem for a thief to break into your home, the mere presence of security equipment assigned to your house will act as an excellent deterrent. Recent statistics have shown that 60% of burglaries in homes where intruder alarms are fitted are unsuccessful.

Choosing the right alarm for your property family and home security in London can be an awe-inspiring prospect. There are so many different types of alarm, different companies, varying prices and terms and conditions. We would like to make that choice easier.

Types of intruder alarms.

There are two types of Intruder alarms available on the market:

• Bells-only alarms
• Monitoring alarms

Bells-only Alarms

As the name suggests this type of alarm is useful in alerting home owners to an intruder. The noise of the  intruder alarm will alert the home-owner to the intruder. Also the sound is likely to interrupt the burglar, cause him to panic and leave the property.
However you would need to rely on back up from community-minded neighbours for any assistance. You would be on your own with what could be quite a dangerous situation.

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Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms offer a second layer of protection as they also offer a link to an “Alarm receiving Centre” The alarm receiving centre immediately checks the property for an intruder using sequential confirmation (CCTV and audio equipment) and if positive, inform the Police. For this process to work special sensors need to be placed around the house. We can offer a free survey with no obligation. Read more about the Monitored intruder alarms we offer… Read more

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Wireless alarms systems

Both bells-only and monitored alarms can be installed can be installed as traditional hard-wired alarms or wireless alarms. Our award wining wireless security systems provides you and your family the peace of mind that only the most advanced alarm systems can provide. The system is the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, wireless home / office security intruder alarms systems available in the UK. Incorporating patented ‘pet friendly’ detectors are available at no additional costs.

Intruder Alarms
“Your Pets are part of your family and all our alarm systems can be set so they will not effect or set off the alarm”.
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Gardsec Fire and Security Intruder Alarm and Burglar alarm systems for London and Hertfordshire.

Intruder Alarms Intruder Alarms Intruder Alarms


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