Smart Net2 Entry Paxton Access Control Installation

Net 2 Entry a smart access control system for your building

Net2 Entry from Paxton is a smart security solution that helps you to identify any visitor before they are enter to the building. Once you have recognised the visitor via the colour video monitor, you can grant or deny access as you like. You can have the door unlocked to your building by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or the touchscreen monitor on site.

Calls can be received on and off site

  • High quality touchscreen monitor on site
  • SIP server on or off site
  • Smart phone using SIP applications on or off site
  • SIP / Voip Telephone on or off site
  • Net 2 Entry Voip software on or off site
  • Tablet on or off site

Convenient and Secure Access Control

  • Allow visitor access to the property
  • Opent the door from your home, office or remotely
  • Speak and see the visitors before you open the door
  • Use the video monitor to look and see who is visiting at any time
  • Can be linked to any leading United Kingdom access control equipment

Net2 Entry 

Net2 Entry is easy to use stylish, discreet design, offering a flexible and high security solution.


  • Can work as a hansfree
  • Built in help
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Do not disturb function


Exterior high security Panel:

  • Optional vandal resistant marine grade steel
  • Low ligth sensitivity camera
  • Back-lit LCD ideal for night time use
  • Easy to use
  • Robust high security panel
  • Display ro show the occupants by name

100 panels / system – 1000 monitors / system




Net2 Access Control Applications                                                                                                                     




  • Private house
  • Flats apartments
  • Rented properties
  • Doctor surgeries
  • Private and NHS hospitals
  • Old age homes
  • Health clubs and gyms
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Shops

Universities & Schools

  • Offices and dedicated rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Reception areas
Public Sector
  • Government occupied buildings
  • Bank buildings
  • Local Cancel buildings

Net2 Entry vandal resistant panels

  • Full colour video door entry system
  • 3mm 316 marine grade stainless steel panel
  • IK09 rated for ultimate impact resistance
  • IP55 rated weatherproof design
To order now or for further information speak to us.

Net2 Entry Videos:


Watch the Net2 Entry SIP Cartoon:

Watch the Net2 Entry Vandal Resistant Cartoon:


To order now or for further information speak to us directly on 0207 183 3995

Net 2 VR surface panel with rain hood:


Net 2 VR surface panel surface mount:


Net 2 Entry flush panel:


Net 2 Entry flush panel kit:


Net 2 Entry Panel flush mount backbox:


Net 2 Entry Monitor:

Net 2 Entry Monitor desk mount stand:


Net 2 Control Unit:





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