CCTV Installation – Maintenance – Repair

At Gardsec design and install any type of Closed Circuit Television Systems from a basic, single camera to a comprehensive multi-camera colour system. Pictures can be captured onto DVR (digital video recorder) and use the latest cutting edge technology. Internal, external, colour, monochrome, discreet or covert, the range of systems and options available are endless. Using only high quality products from well known manufacturers you can be sure to get the very best results. Please contact us for a survey and free estimate without obligation.

Digital CCTV Systems

To ensure the very best CCTV camera images our CCTV Surveillance are Digital. This ultra-modern equipment uses PC technology to capture the images relayed by the camera, and then digitizes and compresses them into a format that can be received by a PC. The benefit of this approach is the images can be stored on a PC hard drive. Any images can then be accessed very easily and quickly if needed at a later date. The second advantage of Digital CCTV Surveillance systems is that due to a much higher resolution the pictures will be clearer more defined and more vivid.

CCTV Maintenance Repair

For absolute piece of mind you need to know Your CCTV system is working perfectly. For this reason Gardsec will also back up your installation with maintenance visits throughout the year. How many maintenance visits. What would people do if they wanted a repair?

Covert and Discreet CCTV Camera Systems

One great asset of visible cameras is they tend to deter crime in the first instance. But there will also be times when you are aware that crimes are taking place but you need a more subtle approach to catch the criminal and store evidence. Covert and discreet CCTV are cameras which can be installed in hidden places around your property. They are especially beneficial when investigating such areas as shop lifting, stock shrinkage and even burglary itself.

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