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Stand Alone Access Control

A lot of modern structure implements access control systems as part of the security system. Standalone access control is one of the most in demand safety devices on hand. This article explains the core components of the system, how the business gains from this system and what type of business appropriate to use this safety device. Standalone access control might be utilized to control on any of the many independent openings in a structure. Depending upon which form of reader is set up, access is acquired through utilizing a numeric code, or through showing an access control card.

This kind of security system is best for smaller companies with a quite small quantity of users; this is easy to use and could be easily extended as your demand needs. In this form of access control scheme, the entire controls, electronic are in the reader or keypad. It’s a handy system which is so simple to manage and is a cost efficient ways of controlling access to a structure. On the other hand, as the electronics are all quartered in the keypad or reader this kind of access system isn’t suggested for high security interior and exterior doors.

Compact technologies are on hand with an option of keypads, swipe card and proximity readers. Access is acquired through utilizing a PIN or code with a keypad and through showing a valid access card to the card reader. Easy management utilizing fobs or access control card makes the administration so easy. Compact technologies could be set up to one or many entrances in your building. Extra doors might just be supplemented as needed.

Standalone access control is security solution with an individual control unit for utmost safety. The control unit is quartered on the safe side or inside of the door, offering higher security compared to the compact system. This is utilized in relation to the access control reader and is suggested standalone solution for high security internal and external doors. Security technologies are on hand with an option of keypads, swipe card and key-fob readers. The safety solution has a bigger range of well matched readers compared to compact solutions at the same time might also be utilized with a combined proximity and keypad reader.

What to Expect from Standalone Access Control

  • Up to 10K users and up to 50 keypads or codes.

  • The control unit is separated and the reader is on hand for better safety

  • Easy token handling for stress free management

  • Scalable; systems could be added simply for many doors.

  • On hand as proximity token, keypad or card

Organizations Which Will Gain from this Control Systems

  • Small company premises

  • Sports clubs

  • Apartment complexes

  • Schools

  • Storage units

  • Building locations

  • Controlling of the car park barriers

The standalone access control technology will keep your structures, business assets and staff secure. From one entrance to many entrances in many locations, we have a safety solution to fit your requirements. For a competitive estimate or a free survey of the location or for more information about standalone access control system products and installation please call our support team. Call us or email us.

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