IP CCTV System

IP CCTV System: How It Works and What Are its Benefits

IP CCTV System – IP-based CCTV systems are said to be the security of the future. While IP CCTV has been around for about ten years, it is only in the last couple of years that this kind of technology popularized. IP CCTV system work through transforming audio and images into data then sending these data over an Internet connection, local area network or wide area network. From across these networks, the data will be sent into a principal location, where they will be documented, viewed and handled.

IP network cameras offer high-quality images and 2-way audio. They use megapixel technology in order to achieve excellent image quality at up to three times the resolution of the best analog camera on today’s market. Analog cameras only have an optimum 400,000 pixels per frame while IP cameras record at about 1.3 million megapixels and up to ten megapixels every frame. As compared to the conventional CCTV systems, in which the quality of the recording can reduce when duplicates are created, IP CCTV systems never lose quality of an image on recording, onward forwarding or playback.

For the many high-end commercial establishments around the world nowadays, they really invest on IP CCTV installation around their premises to secure their building, people and customers from any sort of threats or thefts. This is one way to increase a business’s credibility.

IP CCTV Benefits

  • Flexible. IP CCTV systems do not need local recording. They can send images across the Internet, wide area networks and local networks into a central location where they will be handled.

  • Easier to Install. IP CCTV systems run over present wired or wireless IP network which make wiring IP CCTV systems less disruptive and simple. Thus, the time is decreased in installing them. For those who are familiar with networking, IP CCTV installation is simple to use along with an intuitive evaluation and operation.

  • Great Camera Performance. IP CCTV systems can turn images into data with no theoretical boundary to resolution. This offers the related bandwidth in order to turn the existing images. Their megapixel resolution is three times better the quality of standard analog cameras.

  • Cost Effective. Simple one camera systems merely necessitate an IP camera interlinked to an internet connection or network and can be viewed through a personal computer. They work far cost effective than the conventional analog systems.

In order to ensure great usage of an IP CCTV, they require regular IP CCTV maintenance. Because the fact that major IP CCTV repair can cost more than the value of a new one, clearly suggests that IP CCTV must indeed be given regular check up and maintenance. Your IP CCTV system provider can offer this IP maintenance contract. In this contract, they will include the periodical inspection and thorough cleaning of the equipment. This way, you can ascertain the equipment always work at its best. Since it is an investment, it should work at your greatest advantage.

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