FreeCom Monitoring

FreeCom GPRS Dual Path Communicator Monitoring Intruder Fire

FreeComGP is a dual-path alarm signalling solution that uses two communication channels to reliably deliver alarm notifications. With this cost-effective solution suitable for any control panel, events are sent primarily over a secure GPRS network, with a PSTN line serving as backup.
FreeComGP is the perfect replacement for standard intruder digital communicators, as well as ideal for new installations. It uses Vodafone UK’s secure GPRS network as its primary signalling path to send alarm signals as packet data. A standard PSTN telephone line is used for backup in case the mobile data network is unavailable.
Both communication paths are constantly monitored to identify communication faults or cut lines. The FreeComGP automatically switches to the functioning path while alerting the alarm receiving center of the error.


  • Ideal upgrade from digital communicators
  • Commissioned by a single press of a button
  • Designed for BT’s 21st Century IP-based Network (21CN)
  • Fixed tariff with unlimited signalling
  • Can share existing phone line
  • Both paths continually monitored
  • Surpasses Grade 2 insurance requirements

More information:

FreeComGP GPRS dual-path Grade 2 Brochure


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