Fire Alarms Beacons London

Fire Alarm Beacons. Flash or Sound to Protect Your Property and Lives.

A fire alarms system is complete only after the fire alarms beacon is installed. This loud sound is a very distinctive alarm that most of us are familiar with. This particular loud familiar sound is what you generally hear during office fire drills, and it’s the same system that also triggers off a real time hazardous situation. The alert is very distinct and is loud enough to for everyone in the building to hear. The sound is turned on, to notify the residents that they need to vacate the building or premise as there could be a possible fire detected in the building. Once the alarm is heard, people need to make their way to the building exit point or emergency exit area if there is one. There are also visual fire alarm beacons that are extremely useful in factories that are noisy making it difficult for workers to hear the normal beacon sound.

Fire Alarms Maintenance.

Fire alarms maintenance situated in Greater London ensures that only quality and approved fire alarm beacons are provided to their extensive list of clients. We house names who are not just brand names but those who have proved their worth though the years. These beacons will ensure that any early signs of fire or smoke are detected and clear warning signals are given out to occupants of the commercial or residential building. Thus ensuring the safety of lives as well as property, since these beacons are a part of the entire fire alarm system, as soon as fire or smoke is detected, the alarm is set off and necessary authorities are notified. This allows your local firemen enough time to get to the location immediately and douse out the flames while they are young.

Before these fire alarms beacons are installed, our team of experts visit the building or factory to conduct a survey. They assess the complete layout of the building, and points where the fire alarm systems and its devices including the fire alarm beacons need to be installed. Beacons cannot be installed in just about any place. You need to take into consideration a lot of factors, for e.g. close to places where maximum people generally gather etc. Our team of experts is well trained in fire alarm beacon installation and hence knows the rules of choosing the right locations to install it.

The survey is also done to study the noise levels in your building or factory. If yours is an exceptionally noisy factory owing to machinery work then they recommend that you choose visual flashing beacons. These need to be installed on walls or on the ceiling so that when the beacon flashes your fire alarm system is triggered off. Flashing beacons flash lights at a rate of 60 per minute. It is good enough for people in a factor to notice the flashing signs, giving them enough time to evacuate the building.

Call Fire alarms maintenance if you need any fire alarm beacon installation to be done in Greater London.


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