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If you are looking for quality fire extinguishers that are portable and easy to use then this is the right place to be. There are several types of fire extinguishers and we understand that choosing one that suits your need and budget can be a daunting process. However it is imperative that every residential building or commercial premise and even factories have fire extinguishes installed. These are the most preferred, easy to use instruments that protect your building from fire. It is great for small or even isolated fires that have the potential to spread easily and quickly. It forms a part of the entire fire alarm system, and are manually operated. However these are great instruments to protect your building from being engulfed in flames.

Fire Alarms Maintenance situated in Greater London are pioneers in fire alarm maintenance, installation and consultation. We have some of the best fire extinguishers that are the best for homes and offices. These extinguishers are great at putting out flames that could be sourced in your kitchen or any part of your home or even office. We have a team of experts who will fit these extinguishers in the right places giving you easy accesses to these extinguishers. We give you the right kind of fire extinguishers and also advice you about the right products for your building and business needs.
We understand that not everyone knows how to operate a fire extinguisher. You need special training so that you can handle one, and tackle fire when it is really needed. We therefore conduct courses and corporate training camps at corporate premises. Our training ideas are simple, but are ensured that the message is got across. By the end of the training your staff will know how to confidently handle a fire extinguisher and turn it on if at all a fire breaks out in the area.

Fire Extinguishers.

Different areas, different situations as well as different environments need fire extinguishers that suit them. For e.g. a commercial complex with retail stores is different from a factory requirement or from what one would need in a residential home. In that context our team of experts ensures that they first understand your needs. The environment where the extinguisher will be used so that they can advise and sell you ones that are appropriate for your field of work.

Our team of engineer’s take great pride in being well trained who also have the best expertise of the highest standards in the area of fire extinguishers, installation, consultation as well as training others. Due to their training, and high level of competence you can be assured that the fire extinguishers will be fitted in accordance by our team of experts. They are BAFE approved and registered. Also every fitting is done to meet industry standards. We make sure you get the right type of fire extinguisher, since the wrong one for your type of business or residential purpose can be life threatening.

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